Scotia Grendel

We have a large variety of quality metal and resin models and scenery in a number of scales for wargamers, miniature painters or collectors. From 1/300 micro armour to 28mm sci-fi and fantasy miniatures, vehicles, monsters and scenery, there is something here to suit all tastes.

Xyston Miniatures

Xyston Miniatures is a range of 15mm premium quality historical wargaming figures. They are designed for wargamers and modellers in mind. From The Greco-Persian Wars to Julius Ceaser we cover most of the troops' types as well as specially designed personalities packs to add favour and individuality into your army.

We distrubute

A few lines of text about rangers we distubite or produce, as sort of a showup of our services

The Goblins of the World

Here is where you can buy my growing Mania "The Goblins of the World". To be honest, its a hackneyed idea of sculpting goblins from various World Cultures - but People love the oldschool easy to paint aspects of the figures (so they tell me) and it keeps me in bread - so I have no intention of stopping. Thank you for your time now please buy stuff! and tell your friends to buy stuff too :) - Elton Waters


We provide services like metal or resin casting, mould making, packaging and much more.

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